On-Demand badge printing

On-Demand Badge Printing for Events: A Guide

Even in our digital age, printed name badges remain a staple at conferences, trade shows, and corporate events. On-demand badge printing provides a flexible, customized solution compared to pre-ordering batches of printed badges. With the right tools and preparation, you can print professional credentials quickly on-site as attendees arrive.

On-demand badge printing is becoming increasingly popular for events of all sizes. With this service, attendees can register, check-in, and print their event name badge on their own, eliminating the need for long waiting lines at the reception venue. OnArrival’s Kiosk mode allows event organizers to provide a seamless badging experience while reducing onsite staffing needs and tracking session attendance.

On-Demand Badge Printing

Additionally, EventMobi offers a drag-and-drop badge designer for event organizers with little-to-no design experience, making it easy to create custom badges with RFID capabilities for different attendee groups using event registration software and zebra card printers that can print badges in various sizes, such as 3×4 or 4×6 inches, and in black and white or color, based on your preferences.

Overall, on-demand badge printing using event badge printing software and badge printing app, such as eventdex, allows event planners, or event managers, to leave a good first impression and provides attendees with a hassle-free badging experience via email, including their attendee names and contact details, as well as the convenience of using their smartphones, ipads, tablets, or other devices, at the registration desk of their next event, all synced with their CRM.

The setup for on-demand badge printing is simple and quick, making it a great alternative to pre-printed badges. The badge designs can also be easily exported as a PDF document for printing, with the ability to add custom fields, QR codes, sponsorship placements, demo, exhibitors, and business matchmaking services.

What is on-demand badge printing and how does it work?

On-demand badge printing is a service that allows event organizers to quickly and efficiently print badges for attendees as they check-in. It works by utilizing a badge printing system that is connected to a database of attendee information, allowing for real-time printing of personalized badges on-demand.

Seamless event registration and badge printing.

On-demand badge printing offers seamless event registration and badge printing. This technology makes registration faster, easier, and more efficient for attendees and event organizers alike. Attendees can register online and get their badges printed on-site in minutes. On-demand badge printing also allows event organizers to track attendance, monitor registration numbers, and generate reports in real-time. With this technology, event registration becomes a hassle-free experience, ensuring that attendees have a great time and that your event is a success.

Multiple devices per printer

On-demand badge printing has become much easier with the introduction of printers that support multiple devices at once. These printers allow you to print badges from multiple devices like laptops, desktops, and smartphones. They also offer a range of features such as high-quality prints, fast printing speeds, and easy connectivity options. With on-demand badge printing, you can quickly print badges for events or conferences without having to outsource the job to a third-party printer. This not only saves time but also gives you more control over your badge printing process.

Better Attendee Experience Onsite

On-demand badge printing can contribute to a better attendee experience at events. With the ability to print badges on-demand, attendees no longer have to wait in long lines or arrive early to pick up their badges. This saves them time and hassle, allowing them to focus on enjoying the event. Additionally, on-demand badge printing allows for more accurate attendee data collection and tracking, making it easier for event organizers to manage attendee information and improve future events. The convenience of on-demand badge printing can enhance attendee satisfaction and contribute to a successful event overall.


Why Printed Badges Still Matter

Printed badges serve important purposes like identifying attendees, providing access credentials, and facilitating networking. While apps provide digital alternatives, printed badges offer benefits like:

  • Visual identification from a distance
  • No need for attendees to drain phone batteries
  • Easy access with lanyards – don’t need to unlock phone
  • Printed logos and branding for sponsors

Advantages of On-Demand Printing

On-demand badge printing allows event organizers to:

  • Customize badges for each attendee with variable data like name
  • Print only the number needed – no wasted badges
  • Make last minute badge changes easily
  • Provide new badges for lost ones or replacements
  • Offer flexibility for growing attendee lists or onsite registrations

Recommended Badge Printing Tools and Supplies

To print professional-quality badges onsite, you’ll need:

  • Badge printer – portable models like BadgeMaker or InstiCard Plus work well
  • Badge design software – incorporates logos, designs, variable fields
  • Badge paper – card stock paper resists jamming; glossy finishes look sharp
  • Badge attachments – lanyards, clips, or badge holders
  • Laminator – optional for protecting paper badges from wear
  • Computer – to manage attendee data and printing
  • Printer supplies – have extra ink, laminating sheets, badge stock on hand

Designing Badge Templates

Badge design software makes it easy to create and update template files with your event branding and badge fields. Make sure to include:

  • Event logo
  • Event name and dates
  • Location or conference name
  • Spaces for variable attendee data like name, company, title
  • Barcode or QR code for contactless check-in
  • Color coding for attendee types or ticket levels if needed

Efficient On-Site Badge Printing

Streamline on-site badge printing with these tips:

  • Print attendee badges from a pre-populated list you can filter by date or type
  • Verify names during check-in to match badges accurately
  • Group pre-printed batches by date or attendee type to find badges easily
  • Have a check-in station near the badge printing area
  • Add newly registered attendees to the badge list in real time
  • Designate badge makers to handle printing while others check attendees in

By preparing badge templates and supplies ahead of time, you can minimize lines and wait times for a smooth, professionally-run event. On-demand printing enables your conference badges to stand out with customization and quality.

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